“There is No Such Thing as an Honest Romanian”

Very well said!

Status Viatoris

status viatoris – being ‘on the way’/being in a state of pilgrimage

Declared some daft besom apropos of nobody seems to quite know what, at the Mothership’s Italian class recently.

And had I been there personally, I would have hauled my pregnant bulk over the desks and taken enormous pleasure in bopping my fist right onto the end of her nose.

Of course it’s hardly surprising that she, and many others like her, feel utterly entitled to verbalise such prejudice in the righteous foghorn tones so beloved of the rather ignorant, given that their only information on it (and a vast many other subjects) comes from the criminally irresponsible British media.

And it would be a delightful thing if people actually backed up some of the “facts” they absorb from their Daily Rag (right or left-wing, tabloid or broadsheet – they are none of them free from the stigma of…

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After WWII the World vowed to NEVER allow it to happen again, yet we are – ISIS MUST BE DESTROYED

What have we done with the world we live in…

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

Screen_Shot_2014-06-16_at_1.10.33_PM ISIS Member kills a line of men

After WWII the World vowed to never stand back and allow Genocide to take place. In Iraq and Syria right now ISIS are killing babies, kids, woman and men. They line them up at a waterfront, cut their throats and dump them in water. They tie up babies, toddlers and kill them. I can’t share all the images I have but I ask you PLEASE to look at them, embed them into your mind and soul. What Israel are doing is NOTHING compared to ISIS. ISIS are so bad Al Qaeda warned the World about them. They embody the most evil there can be. And here we are, 2014 and we are allowing genocide to happen. We are all watching and in some cases making excuses for the killing of children. ISIS are right now the most dangerous group of people on our…

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